Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh So Pitiful

This post will probably not make any sense to most you. This is an "inside joke" for members of the "Pity Party." Enjoy and PLEASE comment.

All pictures can be clicked to be made bigger.

See this above? These are the leftovers from several cakes I made to create this FUN Minnie Cake a couple of days ago. We're not chocolate cake fans, so it's just been sitting there for two days. I'd been staring at it, wondering why I thought the shape was so familiar.

Then tonight, it hit me.

Please note, this was made in HALF AN HOUR using leftover stuff I had lying about. It is NOT my best work. It's quite pitiful, but party members will still get a kick out of her.

Icing the blob.

Covering the blob with sticky fondant (hot kitchen = sticky fondant).

What? Huh? WHO can this be??

TA-DA! I am not sure if an official name has been selected, but here she is. My half-hour Pitiful attempt for your enjoyment!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...isn't she just adorable!!! (in a pitiful kind of way ;)
great when are we all getting together to eat her? ;)

Nitrocat said...

If that's what you can do with half an hour and leftovers, I am completely impressed.

Anonymous said...

OMG! that is the coolest! you just...SAW that?
totally cool. :)
you gotta post to the website album...
-frequent.adventurer ;)

Kaaren said...

Thanks. Yea, it's really easy when you have all the fondant already colored and a cake already baked. Just roll and cover.

I just added a picture to the Pity Album too.

Hendel D'bu said...

oh yeah!!! That is so pitiful...isn't her name Pity Patty?

Just the chocolate cake blobs reminded me of something else...thought this post was going somewhere it might not want to go... haha!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I had no clue where this was going until she was done. How cute!
MI Girl from SITE Sleuths

Big Sis said...