Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Shower Cake for Kim and Adam

Having the practice cake under my belt (or apron, as it were), I started working on the two-tiered shower cake for Kim (ThreeHearts on AQ) and Adam. The design is from a cake decorator, Louise, on Cake Central. Thursday evening the cakes were made, cooled and wrapped in cling wrap to retain their moisture. I also made the chocolate fudge icing & refrigerated it for the next day's assembly process.

Here I am Friday evening around 6 p.m. coloring the homemade fondant a light green.

The larger of the two cakes got torted, and I spread a layer of chocolate fudge icing in the middle and placed the top back on. I did the same thing for the smaller cake.

Jake kept me company and amused me with random YouTube videos on his lap top.

Here's the smaller cake, covered in the MMF.

Isabel helps roll out the gum paste. We needed to make the flower that the baby was to sit on.

Here are the covered cakes, plus a huge piece of fondant for the baby to sit on, her flower and some leaves. The baby was made out of gum paste the previous weekend when my sister was here. She helped with all the little insects, which was such a time saver. As it was, she and I spent 3 hours working on all the gum paste decor, and I had spent 5 hours baking cakes the night before.

Isabel and I cut out more flowers; I did not have enough. She and I did purple, yellow, blue and orange.

The last thing to do was make the icing for the "grass." Basically, the "grass" was there to cover the bottom edges of the two cakes.

Remember me smiling above? Yea, this is me around 10 p.m., hour 4. My feet were KILLING me.

Here is the final product.

Here is Kim, cutting into the cake.

Here is the AFTER photo. LOL. It was very good.

Kim & I at her baby shower.


Kay said...

If I had made that cake and someone cut into it, I would have cried then killed them and it wouldn't have been premeditated lolol. That is the cutesiest think I have seen. OMG why can't you live near me :(.


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

so-o-o-o-o-o-o cute!

Kim said...

It was completely wonderful and amazing! Thank you so much for everything you put into making it for us. It was delicious! :)

Big Sis said...


Anonymous said...

It was GREAT so glad you can decorate that well, mine don't come out that well!!!

Goofy girl