Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stroller Cake Mess

It must be in the water. I personally know four pregnant women right now. One of them, David's co-worker is having a shower, so I tentatively said I'd like to make the cake. She doesn't know it, so if I don't, none the wiser.

As you know by now, I am all about the testing (Wall-E takes 1 & 2, the Chick cake fail). I want to see if I can do it before I get the final products (Final Wall-E, Final Chick Cake).

I am also all about wanting new cake recipes, because although the recommended Madeira recipe for making shaped cakes is solid enough for carving, it tastes like a brick.

I tried a new recipe from the 500 Cakes book. I can't even remember which one. Why can't I remember? Let me show you.

The fondant is colored (she's having a boy).

The cake's in the oven.

I have a cappuccino while I wait. (bonus points if you can tell me about my mug).

The cake comes out of the oven, it cools, I cut it in half, place a raspberry jam/whipped cream mixture (homemade) in the middle. I cover it in homemade butter cream icing and get to work.

Now, the instructions are all wonky. Place it on its bottom, put a ring around it, flip it over & cover it in fondant, flip it back and tuck the fondant over the ring. There was a lot of flipping back and forth going on. The last flip, caused this:

I wasn't even upset really. It was a new cake recipe, so I knew it might fail. The cake was delicious, just not strong enough to hold up to the weight of the fondant and all that flipping. I left the cake on the counter, in a cake carrier, and we picked at it for a couple of days.


THIS time, I am back to the Madeira recipe I hate. I figure I'll make a great tasting rectangular cake, frost and decorate it, and then put the Madeira stroller cake on top. People can eat the good cake while admiring the Madeira stroller cake.

Immediately I realized it was too hot in the kitchen The same fondant as before was mushing, sticking, it was bad. I was disgusted and to the point of tears. I texted David to say that i was *not* making the baby shower cake.

Fairy Isabel (who last week realized that Isabel rhymes with Tinkerbell) liked it. But she's 5. ;)

I tried to smooth the fondant around the stroller, but every indentation of my fingers remained. I used my cake smoother and it tore the fondant. I wanted to chuck the thing in the garbage.

Call me obsessive, but this is NOT something I want to have at a baby shower.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ladybug Cake

From one of my Debbie Brown cake books.

While the cakes cooled, (the small one's just for snacking. I had extra batter that I did not want to go to waste)

I colored come white fondant green to color the cake board, and

I whipped up some home-made cream cheese icing. Yum!

The cake was cut in half so I could add icing to the middle of it, then I covered the whole thing in more icing.

I covered the cake in red fondant.

I scored a line across her back, making the wings.

I made her head with a black ball of fondant and secured it in place with both sugar water and toothpicks. Licorice antennae were added with fondant black balls on the ends. Isabel helped me add the black dots on her wings too.

Isabel and I covered the green cakeboard with yellow petals.

I scored her mouth with a circle cutter. She's one Happy Ladybug.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nothing Fancy but It's Good

I purchased this book. Not sure why I blogged about it on my regular blog though. You can get caught up there.

I decided on making a Coffee & Praline Layer cake. I won't give the recipe, due to copyright yada yadas. Go buy the book. It's good and low priced on Amazon. I'm just trying to find good cake recipes for underneath my fun cake projects.

The cakes themselves were not too difficult to make.

While the cakes cooled, I made homemade praline. Note to self: MELTED SUGAR IS MOLTEN LAVA! Holy SMOKES!!

This was my first time working with mascarpone (NOT MaRscapone, MaScarpone). It was very easy to work with and really bland, until you added the powdered sugar. This above was colored this way due to adding coffee to it, and was only half-way done. There was more sugar to be added, which thickened it up.

The bottom cake was iced, another layer stacked on top, both cakes were iced, the home-made praline was cracked and sprinkled on top and voilĂ  ! [It's not "Wahhlahh", people. (Yes, I saw that written like that fairly recently.) It's French and basically means, Look There! Voi from Voir (look or see) and La (there). Look There! voilĂ  !]

The coffee icing was excellent, the cake was firm but not dry. Great cake recipe, but if you're a coffee-hater, this one's not for you.