Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Shower Practice Cake

After making the MMF, I decided to practice making a cake for a friend of mine (Kim - ThreeHearts on AQ) who was having a baby shower in 2 weeks. I have a thing. I make practice runs because I am always worried if I don't, I'm going to get something wrong. I like the practice, but what, I thought, am I going to do with this practice cake?

The same week I was planning on making the cake, I met with fellow letterboxers drgdlg (Darren and Desi) and their daughter Raileigh, who were down in Florida for a vacation. We met at a state park and had a fun breakfast and attempted to box. Knowing they were leaving on the 10th, I asked them what they were going to do for Raileigh's 10-month celebration cake (they make her cakes or cupcakes to celebrate every month of her first year. So cute!) which was the 11th. When Desi said she wasn't really sure yet, I offered to make them a cake and meet them on the road back to Georgia for the hand-off. This way, I get the practice, they don't have to worry about coming home exhausted and having to make a cake.

This below is the MMF I made a couple of days earlier.

And here is the final one-layer version of the cake I was going to make Kim. Kim's was set for two layers. It is not my original design, just something I found on a Google Image search.

Practice is good because comments I received were 1) Jacob saying the baby's eyes wigged him out and 2) my sister V saying the hands and legs wigged her out. LOL Practice makes perfect.

I met Desi and Darren at a McDonald's at an exit near our home off I-4, where we made the quick hand-off of Raileigh's 10-month birthday cake.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE to see Desi's post about the cake, with pictures.


Debbie said...

I like it! The way the baby's sitting reminds me of my signature stamp!


Big Sis said...

Great pics on her page also