Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gifts and Carrots

As I was driving home yesterday from Wal-Mart, I drove by my front door. I hardly ever do this. My garage is on the side of the house on another street. I see my front door maybe once a week. As I drive by, I see a box there. Oooh, a box! Wait, a box? It can't be my Gymboree order; it's only been one day. A box? My birthday *is* Friday. Oooh, present!!

After unloading the groceries, I race to the front door. The box came FedEx and I recognize the last name. She's a fellow letterboxer. Wait, did I miss a memo? Why is she sending me something? Did I sign up for something? Did I forget to send something to someone? Color me confused.

I opened the box, read the note and squealed. She sent me this because she was helping pack up a house and she knew I would use it. She wanted to make sure the belongings she was packing up found a good home.

OOOOOH! AHHHHH! It is so pretty. And HEAVY! And Pretty!

What a wonderful gift! This definitely will get used. As a matter of fact, one sister asked how large it was. I have a feeling Sis wanted to see if the wedding cake I was making for her would fit. :) (Sorry, B. Your cake is ginormous.)

I was *just* thinking, as I was driving home yesterday, that I had carrots I needed to use up (I hate food going to waste.) Tonight, I made a carrot cake (my favorite) and used the pretty stand.

THANK YOU, AMANDA (from Seattle)!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


As you know, or not, I am a fan of both the book and the musical "Wicked." I saw the show twice in Jacksonville last year and was smitten.

It's been, what, two weeks since I baked a cake? Ha! Lord. Anyway, I decided I wanted to make a Wicked cake.

I printed the musical's logo/poster and then traced it on to wax paper. I spread out my various colored fondant and used the wax paper as my guide, as I poked trough the way, on to the fondant. Then with that little knife below, I carved out the designs.

I baked a chocolate cake and frosted it with a peanut butter frosting. Mmmmmm!

The entire cake was covered in marshmallow fondant that I made myself and colored green. I didn't take a picture of that; wish I had. Then I started placing and fitting all the fondant pieces I had cut out, like a puzzle.

Elphaba's nose and lips were done with food coloring pens and red edible glitter for the lips. Glinda's eyes were hand-drawn with edible food color markers too.

Ta Da!

I also used leftover green and black to put a little decorative touch to the bottom of the cake. (i.e. hide the faults.) :)