Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tangled/Rapunzel Cake

For our gal's party, she chose "Tangled" as her theme.  For those of you without kids, this would be Disney's version of the Rapunzel story.  It was also the theme to the 5k run I did at Epcot.  But I digress.

We found several great cakes on-line and Isabel chose her favorite one from one we liked off of a baker in the UK's Flickr pictures.

We started preparing for the cake a few weeks back, making gumpaste flowers and cupcake toppers.

Finally, it was time to get going.

Baby Rapunzel oversees the operation.


Bringing on the smolder

Our gal creates Pascal's tail


Her hair's not really complete here.  I was afraid to transport her like this, so the bottom part of her hair is not attached to the part by her knees.   When we got to the party location, I had more gumpaste and my clay extruder, so I could add more and bring the hair together.  

The party was lots of fun!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prep Time for Her Party

Our gal and I are working hard on her cake for her party later on in the month.

Any guesses??

How about now?