Saturday, July 18, 2009


No, I am not being crude and calling you an MMF.

MMF = Marshmallow Fondant. Not sure what the extra M is there for. My sister-in-law suggested that it was because MF just sounds wrong. :)

MMF is a home-made fondant using, you guessed it, marshmallow and powdered sugar with a teensy bit of water). On the recommendation of a couple of friends, I decided to try it. I searched the web and found this recipe for MMF. I was skeptical but thought, what the heck. The marshmallows and powdered sugar were inexpensive, especially when compared to the fondant I normally buy. I DO NOT use Wilton fondant. It is disgusting. I use Satin Ice.

I was a little worried at the onset. It was sticky and I thought the powdered sugar would never blend with the marshmallow.

Jacob helps me, by adding water as I felt it was necessary.

After about 10 minutes, I got fondant! The right texture and a great taste! I was beyond excited. Now I could make fondant as needed and spend less doing it.

It was time to try it on a cake. I tinted it green, rolled it out and covered my cake.
Fantastic! I will post more on the cakes I have made recently soon. They are a surprise, so I can't post until the end of today, July 18. :)

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