Friday, March 27, 2009

Twilight Cake

OK. I'm a Twilight Mom. I admit it. Not the stalkery-crazy kind, mind you. Yes, the books started off a little juvenile, but she got better. They are fun, they are fantasy and they have Edward.

I search the 'net and find several people making Twilight cakes, fantastic Twilight cakes, so I thought I'd give it a go. I bought some black and red fondant from Into the Oven, because there is no WAY I am going to color white fondant black. It would take forever and kill my arms in the process.

Here we gooooooo.

First, I realized..I have a lot of pans. This was me trying to figure out how to stack them. I opted for two layers instead of three, of the dome pans in the background.

I got a fantastic, wonderful cake recipe from Bakerella. This recipe was SO tasty! But the larger if the two cakes was so moist, it fell apart on Thursday night while I was trying to move it! Oh well. I kept the broken cake pieces in a plastic container and we've been munching on the pieces.

Tonight, I go back to my old, firmer butter cake recipe and make a rather large 10 " cake. (The 6" one from last night survived (pictured below).

While the large cake cooled, I covered the smaller one with fondant, and began making the chess board.

Next came covering the larger cake all in black and stacking the cakes.

I covered the bottom of the small cake with a red fondant ribbon, created the red chess piece and the "bloody" flower, which was bloody hard.

The larger chess piece. Yea. Difficult. I put it on a skewer to give it support. I won't even tell you what Jacob and I ended up naming it by the end.

Off to Wal-Mart I went. I was out of apples.

The apple for "Twilight," the flower for "New Moon," the ribbon for "Eclipse" and the chess board and pieces for "Breaking Dawn."

Here is the final product.


Patty Rmz said...

Wow, what a Wonderful kake!!! jiji
It´s nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT !!! i am obsessed with Edward. How did it taste ? it looks great !

Anonymous said...

Very Cool Kaaren!! You rock!!


Niki said...

Nice. The last picture of the cake with the books is excellent.

Kellis said...

Very cool Kaaren! Did you enter it into a contest or anything???

Kaaren said...

Thanks all. No, Kellis, no contest. Just more of a "I can do that" thing when I saw someone else had made the same thing.

The cake was cut this yesterday morning. The top layer (different recipe) was not as good as the bottom layer. The top layer was dry.

Ezzy said...

i love it, my we are throwing my friends 30th and we are all twilight nuts, love it loveit, do you mind if we use this design for her cake.'
coming to you from sydney australia

Kaaren said...

Hi Ezzy in Australia. Sure, go ahead. I just copied pics I saw on-line as well. Have fun at the party!

RuthCullen said...

i love the cake.. but i have a question.. how much fondant did you use? i want to make a twilight cake myself.. and i have no idea how much i have to get.. i want to make a two layer cake.. just like you.. with the chesspieces and the ribbon and the flower.. and the chessboard..

Kaaren said...

Hi Ruth,

I really don't know exactly how much fondant. I bought a 5 lb. tub of black and a 2 lb. tub of red because I was not about to color all that by hand. I *still* have red and black left and have used it on several other cakes.

Are you planning on making your own fondant?

RuthCullen said...

no.. i did that ones.. and it went wrong and it cost me lots of time.. so i'm just buying it..

Kaaren said...

I buy Satin ice brand on-line (no cool stores anywhere near me) at but I know lots of other places carry it. I do not recommend Wilton (gross). A 2 lb bucket of red will suffice. I'd even say a 2 lb of black will suffice. I got a 5 lb bucket and am still using it.

Anonymous said...

Am doing a suprise twilight theme party for my new to be teenager daughter.
Thanks for the idea for her cake x

Dessi said...

What did you make the fwoler and the chesspieces with ?I'm turning 13 soon and I want a cake like this one.My friend s and I love the movie (and the books of course)

Kaaren said...

Hello. The flower and chess pieces were made with gumpaste colored with gel food coloring. Gumpaste can be purchased at Walmart, Michaels, most cake supply stores, etc. It's like fondant, but with an extra additive that makes it harden. It hardens quickly when exposed to air, so always keep it wrapped tight in plastic wrap. Tear a small piece off, and keep the rest wrapped in plastic wrap.