Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minnie Mouse Cake

Yea, another cake. My friend Karen from Miami was going to be up here for her birthday at Disney (you get in free on your birthday) and I asked if we could get together. She said sure...if I made her a cake. Ok, I'm kidding. She asked if I could, and I said yes. When I asked what she would like, she said she did not know. Something Disney? "Surprise me," she said.

Sunday night, I made the gum paste mouse heads, ears and bows.

Tuesday night after work, I baked the chocolate cakes.

This is her idea of "cleaning the bowl."

Also on Tuesday evening, I cut out fondant dots and made a fondant bow which I stuffed with tissue to keep the "open" shape, and put them on sponges to dry overnight.

Wednesday evening, time to decorate. The cakes were torted (cut in half horizontally), filled with chocolate icing, put back together, covered in chocolate icing and then covered in colored fondant, as seen above.

Here's where I talk about how I like to practice. Those who read my blog know, I am all about the practice. But I did not have time to do a practice run. Here are the things I learned that I would do differently, if I make the cake again:

Don't make the cut-out bows before-hand. They are too hard and getting the HEAVY bows to stick was hard; I used toothpicks and broke 2. Next time, I will either attach the bows while they are still soft to the Minnie heads, or make the bows out of icing.

Measure the big Minnie ears as compared to the bow. The bow is the right size for the cake, according to my sis V, but the ears are lost behind it. (she got a picture message sent to her on her phone).

Here is the final product. Notice I put the birthday girl's initials on the cake. That's where the two broken-bowed Minnie heads would have gone, but I really like the initials there.
I love how this turned out!


Hendel D'bu said...

You two rock! What a cute cake :-)

Cari said...

Love the cake- VERY sweet! :)can i ask what you used to cut out the minnie's ? i am trying to learn to do this for my daughters first birthday and cant seem to find any cutters that are the right sizes?!?!

Kaaren said...

Hi Cari,

If your talking about the little Minnies all around, I used some Wilton circle fondant cutters.

The medium and the small ones. The bows I made by hand with red fondant and white fondant dots.

steffers16 said...

How didyou get the ears to stay?

Kaaren said...

I just pushed them in to the top of the cake itself and they stood. I think I also put a bit of red fondant behind them too, to prop them up a bit.