Friday, November 23, 2012

Snowman Cake Pops

I had a few things going on at the same time.  Friends from Boston were coming down to Florida to spend Thanksgiving down here and a co-worker was transferring over to our Chicago branch (yep, crazy) and Wednesday was the last day I was going to see him.

I decided to work on some cute snowman cake pops for them.  These were from Bakerella's book and boy howdy -  very detailed.  I had some staycation days that I used baking and baking and decorating.  My back and legs were killing me from standing up for hours on end.  I made gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, potato chip cookies and these cake pops.

They came out not too bad.

I made about 48 cake pops.

My Boston pals were given a total of 15 each and my co-worker was given 4.  I saved 4 for people coming over for Thanksgiving, leaving 25 for me and my family to enjoy - tee hee.

This is my coworker's "Things to Remind You of What You're Leaving in Florida" Basket.  A beach towel, flip flops, sunglasses, suntan lotion spray and golf balls.  I also put in the 4 cake pops, 4 Christmas cookies and 2 potato chip cookies I made.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello Ginger

The holidays are soooooo close?  Can you feel it?  I can!  I am so excited.  I have started baking and freezing cookies to have them ready for decorating.  Isabel's teacher, my co-workers, friends, etc.   I love decorating cookies.

This year, beside my regular sugar cookies, I decided to try a gingerbread recipe.  The house smelled so good. I can't wait to decorate these little guys.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cappuccino Truffle Cake

I decided to try a new recipe for a Cappuccino Truffle Cake.  In attempting said recipe, I tried making chocolate truffles.   This was quite funny.  Not.  Actually, it would have worked had my white chocolate melts not petered out.  Rather than melting into a nice coating, they melted into a paste.  Bye bye chocolate truffles.

The cake itself was REALLY yummy.  Almond butter cake with a coffee/Kahlua butter cream, with nuts and store-bought truffles.  (I hid some non-coated truffles under the store-bought ones.

It was a hit.  Sadly, I forgot to take a picture with anything but ze' crappy cell phone camera before we hacked right into this puppy.

My sad little non coated dark chocolate
truffle peeks out from the bottom right of the stack.