Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Quick Kakes

On Friday, we had dinner with my husband's immediate family (parents, 3 siblings/spouses/nieces/nephews, paternal grandma) and I brought along those Mexican-themed gum paste pieces I made.

Since a cheesecake was requested by the birthday boy, my M-I-L made her recipe and we just stuck the pieces on the cake.

There was also a request for a strawberry cake by the birthday gal. Since I was traveling and had the Maine Cookies to make, I declined making one beforehand. They had purchased the strawberry Pillsbury boxed cake and frosting. You will remember I tried it once and was not a fan. TOO SWEET, too runny.

I went ahead and baked them, stacked them after putting fresh strawberries and icing in the middle, and iced them. The bottom ribbon decor was done with a plastic baggy and an old tip my M-I-L found in one of her drawers. It was rough using the super-runny icing, but for a boxed cake, it came out OK.

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