Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello Kitty Quick Cake

Isabel loves Hello Kitty. She also adores Nightmare Before Christmas, but that's another post.

She has been bugging me for a Hello Kitty cake for some time. So, one night watching TV, I decided to break out the gum paste, gel color and assorted tools, and sculpt a Hello Kitty figure and some flowers.

Click the pics to see them bigger.

I made a box cake and used canned icing. WOW, do I dislike canned icing with a passion! I just used it because this was a quick thing for us here at home, but man, after making my own, canned stuff is runny and gross.

I had enough batter to also make cupcakes.

When I called her away from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" dvd to see the cake, ....

....this super-happy face made my day.

"It's a Hello Kitty Cake!" she squealed, followed immediately by "Can I eat her arm?!?!"

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