Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wedding Cake Redux

Remember that post where I said I would not do a wedding cake? Right. Well, immediately after that post, my older sister calls and asks me if I would be available to do a wedding cake in October. I told her no, that I was sorry but I was not comfortable making a wedding cake for anyone and to say sorry to whoever had asked her to ask me. She then said "No silly, for ME."

She getting married on 10/10/10.


I agreed but told her not to be mad if I mess it up. She poo-poo'd the idea of me messing it up.

This weekend, she and our friend Heather came up to help with making gumpaste flowers for her cake (hence the roses from the previous post.) The roses were actually the hardest thing, because she chose very simple 1-D flowers.

We made a practice mini-cake while they were here. The one she wants will be three layers, taller (more cakes stacked atop each other per level) and hopefully not as crappy.

I look pretty exhausted. (We had a full day of going to the cake supply store down in Orlando, then Michael's, then lunch, then drive back and go to Wal-Mart to grocery shop, to then bake a cake, clean the cake mess, prepare mini-meatloaves and mashed potatoes, then clean up the dinner mess, then start decorating the cake. )

Our friend Heather.

Then, of course, we ate. :)

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Goofy girl said...

It looks great and you have nothing to worry about!!!! You will do grrreat!!!