Sunday, June 3, 2012

Graduation Cake and Goodies

My son graduated from high school this week.  Lots of planning went into the party, food and of course, the desserts.

Graduation cake pops

Cupcake pops

The graduation cake was three-tiered.  Everything was edible.  Starting from the top, we have a fondant graduation cap with gum paste tassels and graduation diploma roll.  These all rest atop two 6" Oreo Cookie cakes covered in vanilla frosting, covered in homemade MMF, and decorated with black fondant keys.  This represents my son's musical side, of course.  The Oreo cake was a hit with the kids/grads at the party.

The next tier is made up of two almond butter cakes, with buttercream frosting, covered in MMF that I tinted purple.  This purple MMF was draped around the cake to resemble curtains, which opened on to a black background (fondant) and the comedy/tragedy drama faces made of gum paste and sprayed with edible silver food color spray.  This is for my son's love of drama.  

The bottom tier was two 10" carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting.  Musical notes and pianos decorates its sides.   My carrot cake is THE BOMB.  A friend who could not decide between carrot and Oreo got a little bit of both.  She ate the carrot cake up, saying how amazing it was, and then stating she was mad.  Mad because she had Oreo cake to finish when she wished it were just more carrot.

Drama/Music-themed Graduation Cake

The Aftermath