Friday, May 25, 2012

Drama Party Goodies

Jacob's in the Drama Troupe at his school. For their end-of-year banquet, I was asked to make some goodies for the party.  I decided on cake pops and mini cake balls.  Then at the last minute I made a small carrot cake too, just for the heck of it.

I dropped off the goodies and went on my way.  Everyone ooooh'd and aaaah'd.

I dropped a cake pop on the carrot cake.  Nice.  

Get it?  Drama club? Get it?
(see where I messed up the icing? *sigh*)

Fun popcorn bag pops

One of the male drama students made this!  Nice!!


♥♦ Be Happy ♦♥ said...

Did you fix icing?
any hoo. Very nice

Kaaren said...

No, I did not bring any tools with me and I didn't want to touch it with my fingers.