Sunday, May 13, 2012

Popcorn and Graduation Caps

I did some more work with Bakerella's book, practicing for two separate events; the Drama troupe's end-of-year party and Jacob's graduation party.

For the drama troupe we have

Popcorn pops.  Yellow cake, chocolate frosting, vanilla candy.  SO cute!  My red food marker was just not working well enough.  Next time, I am using a paint brush and red gel food coloring.  Hopefully it will be more vivid.  The popcorn?  Mini marshmallows scored through 3 times with a knife.

For Graduation

I made the tops using a candy mold, but they're a bit too thick.  This is why I practice.  Next time, I'll fill the molds a little less.  Also, the top little blob holding the tassel is supposed to be a mini M&M but I did not have any.  I'll buy some for the ones I do make for his party.  They're cute though!

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Goofy girl said...

WOW!! Those are neat!