Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cupcakes and Icing

The cake I am making for the Scouts does not leave any room for the boys' names, so I decided to bake two dozen cupcakes, put the boys' names on them and place them around the main cake.  I purchased a Wilton tip # 1M (really large tip for cupcakes) and I love it.  I piped 9 of the cupcakes with this really cute swirly pattern.

The other 15 were needed for the letters of the names.  For these cupcakes, I decided to use the technique I used when making Isabel's Hello Kitty cupcakes last year.  

Melt some frosting in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. Stir.  Dip your cupcake
upside down in the icing. 

Allow for the extra frosting to run off a bit.

Leave them be to dry for a bit.  Ta Da!

I love the "ganache" look to them.  While they dried, I started making the fondant letters for the names.   

After placing them on the cupcakes, I used a bit of water on a paint brush to brush away the cornstarch I used to prevent the fondant from sticking to the letter cutters.   These will be placed around the cake, with the other cupcakes in between.


Amber G said...

I like it! What letter cutters did you use? I need to get more letter cutters. I always end up cutting them out by hand with an xacto.

Kaaren said...

I used some from FMM products called "Funky Alphabet & Number" cutter set. I bought it from Global Sugar Art online.

The Foil Hat said...

Those look awesome, Kaaren!!!

Anonymous said...

They look great. Nice that the names are all the same length =)


Niki said...

I love that idea.