Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eagle Cake Level 3

Two 11x15 butter cakes.

The cakes are iced and I'm starting to put in the dowels.
 I made the mistake of leaving wax paper underneath the cake. I never do this.  It took David and me several minutes to get this paper off the bottom of the cake.

Here come the red fondant stripes.

The cakes are stacked and the blue butter cream border is added. 


I am SO proud of this cake!  Delivering it is going to be FUN (she says sarcastically.)  There are about 48 cupcakes to deliver too.  I will post more pictures of the Eagle Ceremony later.


Hendel D'bu said...

Man, is that INCREDIBLE! Excellent job! It just looks great :-)

SQUIRREL! said...

THAT IS AMAZING!! You did a super job on that cake, the boys are going to be tickled for sure!