Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Happy 6th Birthday to my wonderful angel-muffin.

I decided to make Hello Kitty cupcakes for her class. Her birthday is today, Monday March 1 and she will be in school most of the day. I opted for boxed cake mix because it is quick and easy. I also opted for premade frosting as well, so I could try a new trick I learned off the internet.

I took the icing, tinted it pink, and microwaved it for 5 seconds, took it out stirred it and microwaved it another 5 seconds. This made the premade icing very runny. We took the cupcakes and bobbed them up and down in the icing (see Isabel below.)

We then set them on wax paper to set. Look how pretty they look and how smooth.

We then used royal icing to outline some Hello Kitty head shapes onto the icing. Do not use the thinner "flooding" consistency to fill or flood them in; too runny. We used the same icing we used for the outlines to fill them in.

After they dried, I used some black royal icing to make the eyes and whiskers. The nose and bows were made using Food Color pens.

Voila! Hello Kitty Cupcakes.

UPDATE: We are not allowed to bring home baked goods to school.

What a sad, sad world.

My co-workers and family will have to enjoy these labors of love my daughter and I made. We ended up buying premade ones from Wal-mart. :(

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