Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cinderelly, Cinderelly

"Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it's Cinderelly!" I had an idea for a cake, and when my sister came up for a visit, the idea changed into something else. We were on Cake Central, "ooooohing" over this picture and decided to try it.

My sister Brenda took charge of making the mice, while I

took charge of baking the cakes, stacking them, coloring the fondant and covering the cakes and doll torso pick.

I *love* how she made the teeth!

Can she be ANY SWEETER?!?

Brenda made the pin cushion while I made the buttons and beads.

I made the bird on the dress. There was a second bird, but it was too big and too heavy to fit.

Isabel loved it.

Here it is. Lumpy, I know. I really don't know what's up with me and the lumpies.  But we like it!!


Big sis said...

It was so much fun, more, more ;)

Niki said...


Hendel D'bu said...

It's wonderful! I love Cinderelly :-)