Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moose in Boxers, a Pain in the Butt and a Prince Fan

Where, oh where, did we ever come up with these ideas? *grin*

I was making cookies for an out-of-state co-worker who kept asking (over and over) when he was getting cookies. He's a avid hunter, and I had Moose cutters. Not that moose are hunted, are they?? I wanted to use my moose cutter, ok?

My sister and I worked on the cookies. She made three ginormous ones, so the batch you see is rather small.

This is for the hunter co-worker.

I was making the moose cookies, and I remembered a "special" moose, who has a thing for boxers, so I decided to add some boxers to this batch. My co-worker will have no idea why the moose are wearing boxers, but it makes me grin.

While I was making the above cookies, my sister decided to make some cookies herself.

My sister is staying with us to help in my son's recuperation from surgery. She made this LARGE cookie. It is about 6-7 inches long. The lips are another cookie placed on top of the butt. My son thought it was funny.

She also decorated a cookie for Isabel and another one for David and me.

She is also a huge Prince fan. Huge. She hand-crafted the dough for the Prince symbol cookie and used my ginormous bear cutter for the bear one. These cookies are 6-8 inches long.


Hendel D'bu said...

How fun - those are fabulous! I'm so glad you shared them here.

I was unaware of a fandom centered around Prince. I guess you learn something new everyday! :-)

Big sis said...

Had so much fun. Yeah, Prince has fans even if we can't stand the way he treats his fans ;)