Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Owl Carrot Cake

I found this adorable idea on the web. Just use Google Images and search "owl cake" and you'll see what I mean. I can credit the person, but several people have done something like this, so whoooo is the original designer? The first lady on Flikr, the second one? This person? I don't know, but thank you !

Sidebar: That's the thing about cake decorating, that even my teacher said; Nothing is really an original design. Everyone "borrows" from everyone else. I won't say "steal" because we're a sharing community of decorators. If you're a stingy decorator that doesn't want to share, then boooo to you.

Isabel and I created the pieces using fondant and gum paste and let them harden a bit overnight.

The next night I shredded some carrots and got to work on the carrot cake. While they cooled, we (Isabel and I) made the homemade cream cheese icing, and lightened it with a small touch of sky blue gel food coloring.

The cake was iced, the pieces placed, some gum paste trees and flowers made (real easy as I already had the fondant colored from the night before) and here it is.

Mmmm. Carrot cake is my favorite.


Niki said...

How much to get one of those bad boys made and shipped to MD? In August?

Kaaren said...

Oooh, that would not be good. Dairy in a box in August! Wooooo! Not good. :)