Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Edible Shoes

There are several talented people out there who make cool cakes. One that I have been wanting to try is a shoe box cake. The shoe box? Easy Peasy. The shoe? Not so much.

I went on Cake Central's website (wow, that site is addicting!!) and found a tutorial on how to make a shoe out of gum paste. This Sunday, while the kids played a video game and David watched..probably Stargate, I sat down for my first attempt.

Here is what I made, before adding glittery dust to it. The support for the arch is too high. Next time, I'll able it better to get a better arch.

Here's a top view. See the "designer" label? :)

So, yea. Ignore the rough edges. It's my first one, but I am glad I have the tutorial to show me how!


homeschoolmommy said...

Love it! I want to try one of those too. It will just have to wait until I move though.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Wow, that's amazing!!!

It there any actual cake in there, or is it pure icing?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

It's all gumpaste, which I guess is a kind of icing. I want to make a cake in the shape of a shoe box and then put the shoe on top.

I can make homemade gumpaste with marshmallow, powdered sugar, water and gumtex (a hardening agent). This that I used is store-bought gumpaste which has all kinds of crazy stuff in it. It's edible, but barely. LOL Too sweet/plastic-y tasting for me.

Kaaren (not logged in) at work

Niki said...

I'd buy a pair of purple bow heels.