Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tiffany Box Practice Cake

My youngest sister, Lissette, came to visit tonight, Sunday, and Monday. We decided to practice a "Tiffany Box" cake for our other sister, Vicky. Vicky's throwing a bridal shower and asked both of us if we could make the cake. Lissette is also a cake decorator. She has a blog but is (her words) lazy about updating it.

Before she arrived, I worked on the gum paste bow for the box, cutting the bow pieces out and dusting them with platinum dust.

The ring below was made with gum paste and a fake "rock" off a barrette I bought for $4 at Michael's. I also dusted it with platinum dust, but I am not sure you can see it well in this picture.

Before she arrived this afternoon, I baked four thin 8" square cakes. We used 3. The fourth I'll use for cake class on Tuesday. I also made icing.

This evening after dinner and putting the kids to bed, we got to work. We iced the cakes and put them in the fridge so the icing would harden.

We spread out the marshmallow fondant (she'd still been using Wilton brand!! OMG - gross. She was SO impressed with the MMF, she's going to make some herself next time around).

We started putting things together. I wanted an entire piece of fondant over the cake, she wanted squares. We went with the squares. This made it a little difficult with the edges. We ended up coloring some icing the same color as the fondant to sort-of hide the edges. I think it worked really well for a practice run.

The bride-to-be's name is Nikki, so the name on the box reflects that.

Here are my sister and I. I joked on FB that we would call our cake company "924 Cakes." (Nine Twenty Four Cakes). Why? She and I were both born on September 24, 16 years apart.


Anonymous said...

I am so frikken AMAZED at your artwork ladies!!!!!! Nikki's gonna love it :) Cannot wait to bring it to the shower. She's gonna be SOOOOO SURPRISED.

love ya'll

Hendel D'bu said...

So, what do you do with the practice cakes?

This looks absolutely incredible - I love it! Most excellent!

And I like the name 924 Cakes - it's got a certain ring to it :-)

Kaaren said...

The cakes get eaten a bit at home, and then the rest gets sent to David's work, where they devour it. They love me.

This one though, I am taking to work tomorrow for my guys to try. They complain that I never bring any to them.