Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stroller Cake Mess

It must be in the water. I personally know four pregnant women right now. One of them, David's co-worker is having a shower, so I tentatively said I'd like to make the cake. She doesn't know it, so if I don't, none the wiser.

As you know by now, I am all about the testing (Wall-E takes 1 & 2, the Chick cake fail). I want to see if I can do it before I get the final products (Final Wall-E, Final Chick Cake).

I am also all about wanting new cake recipes, because although the recommended Madeira recipe for making shaped cakes is solid enough for carving, it tastes like a brick.

I tried a new recipe from the 500 Cakes book. I can't even remember which one. Why can't I remember? Let me show you.

The fondant is colored (she's having a boy).

The cake's in the oven.

I have a cappuccino while I wait. (bonus points if you can tell me about my mug).

The cake comes out of the oven, it cools, I cut it in half, place a raspberry jam/whipped cream mixture (homemade) in the middle. I cover it in homemade butter cream icing and get to work.

Now, the instructions are all wonky. Place it on its bottom, put a ring around it, flip it over & cover it in fondant, flip it back and tuck the fondant over the ring. There was a lot of flipping back and forth going on. The last flip, caused this:

I wasn't even upset really. It was a new cake recipe, so I knew it might fail. The cake was delicious, just not strong enough to hold up to the weight of the fondant and all that flipping. I left the cake on the counter, in a cake carrier, and we picked at it for a couple of days.


THIS time, I am back to the Madeira recipe I hate. I figure I'll make a great tasting rectangular cake, frost and decorate it, and then put the Madeira stroller cake on top. People can eat the good cake while admiring the Madeira stroller cake.

Immediately I realized it was too hot in the kitchen The same fondant as before was mushing, sticking, it was bad. I was disgusted and to the point of tears. I texted David to say that i was *not* making the baby shower cake.

Fairy Isabel (who last week realized that Isabel rhymes with Tinkerbell) liked it. But she's 5. ;)

I tried to smooth the fondant around the stroller, but every indentation of my fingers remained. I used my cake smoother and it tore the fondant. I wanted to chuck the thing in the garbage.

Call me obsessive, but this is NOT something I want to have at a baby shower.


homeschoolmommy said...

Oh but its so cute! Noncakers would not even notice finger indents. :-)

Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

I think it is cute too. And a heck of a lot better than I could do.

And by the way, who is playing at the Bronze tonight? ;)

Niki said...

1. What did i tell you about stealing mugs from clubs?
2. The baby and bear are really cute. You could do a regular cake with them on top.