Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Chick that Became a Duck

Aye-aye-aye. Thank goodness I am all about the practice runs.
I decided to try and make a Chick named Marjorie, Ryan's Marjorie actually. I always try a practice run, to iron out the kinks, and boy were there kinks.
1) I forgot to grease the small bowl. BAD move. You can see the small, beat up cake behind Isabel.

2) I did not fill the small bowl with enough batter. So, no grease and low batter = squashed head.

I used a small and medium bowl. Next time I will use the small bowl, with more batter, and the large bowl for the body.

I also used store-bought icing, chocolate. I knew it would make a mess but I did not want to waste all the butter and sugar on a test run so I was ok with the chocolate mess we made.

Isabel helps me smooth on the fondant.

Then for some reason, she ended up less of a chick, and more of a duck. *sigh* So I just went with it.

And this is why I do test runs. Sorry Marjorie. :)


Anna said...

Squished SpongeBob with a beak :) I applaud your efforts !!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

It could be so much worse.

Ryan said...

Pucker up, Marjorie! =)

-- Ryan

Kaaren said...

Holy bad cakes, Lisa.

And just an aside: David said it was the best tasting cake (new recipe and new, expensive! fondant). So, that's a plus.

Niki said...

Even squashed duck cake is better than no cake at all1

Big Sis said...

Still soooooooooooo cute!