Friday, May 15, 2009

Ladybug Cake

From one of my Debbie Brown cake books.

While the cakes cooled, (the small one's just for snacking. I had extra batter that I did not want to go to waste)

I colored come white fondant green to color the cake board, and

I whipped up some home-made cream cheese icing. Yum!

The cake was cut in half so I could add icing to the middle of it, then I covered the whole thing in more icing.

I covered the cake in red fondant.

I scored a line across her back, making the wings.

I made her head with a black ball of fondant and secured it in place with both sugar water and toothpicks. Licorice antennae were added with fondant black balls on the ends. Isabel helped me add the black dots on her wings too.

Isabel and I covered the green cakeboard with yellow petals.

I scored her mouth with a circle cutter. She's one Happy Ladybug.


homeschoolmommy said...

That is an awesome cake, much better than the one I made today. As I type this I just heard the dogs ear fall off again.

Niki said...


Kaaren said...

Is that a good"!!!!!!!!!," Niki?