Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pixie Teapot House Cake (First Cake)

Back in June of 2007, after buying a cake decorating book and all the supplies I needed, I decided to take the plunge and make my first decorated cake. Why? Just because I wanted to see if I could!

The above pictures are a bit late in the game. Sorry all. I forgot to take pictures of the beginning. It was boring anyway. I baked a cake in a rounded glass pan. The cake was made from scratch. Tons of confectioners sugar and butter. YUM

I rolled premade fondant and covered the entire cake with it, trimming the excess. Using the extra fondant, I shaped the handle and the spout of the half-buried teapot.
Next I used modeling paste (fondant with a gum additive), that I colored with food coloring to look tan, to make a curtain, and I used black food coloring to make the darkness of the inside of the house.
David stippled the "floor" of the forest with some brown food coloring while I rolled out some grey-colored modeling paste to form the stones for the front of the house.

Over on the handle of the teapot, I made sticks our of modeling paste I colored brown, while David made the wood shed cover with white modeling paste. The mushrooms were constructed next, using more modeling paste that I colored red & yellow.

Next up is the father pixie. He's over by the wood shed, collecting some firewood. He does not have his hair or eyes yet. Fast forward to later on in the evening, when Isabel went to bed. I made the rest of the pixies. The one on the bottom left is the replacement one for the pixie I tested last week. She has daisies that David made all around her. The one peeking out from behind the curtain was quite a challenge. They all don't have their hair yet. I hand-painted the blue flower decoration on the teapot, too.

I added the orange hair, (pixie dad got a beard), added some ivy running up the side of the teapot, and dusted the forest floor with a little green fairy dust. I added patches to the curtain and the wood shed roof. Finally, the pixies got their wings.

It is by no means professional grade, but I am VERY proud of my first attempt!

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