Friday, October 24, 2008

Mower Cake

This cake was a very quick box cake I made in August of 2007 with store-bought icing that I colored green. It was a "Thank you" to our neighbors who continually loaned us their lawn mower while Sears had our lawn mower. (Actually, they lost it for two weeks. They had no idea where it was. It got lost between where we dropped it off and the repair center, VERY frustrating.) Anyway, the neighbors kept loaning it to us, so to thank them I made this.

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Anonymous said...

Kaaren, You are quite a talented young lady! A pleasure to be looking over all your 'cake creations'! I have never, ever 'blogged'... I don't think so, anyway. Hmmm... 'k12' has one... I may have left a comment once there. I will look over the rest of your "Cake Creations"... I thought I was good... until I seen your work. On a scale 1-10... I am a 2. I have fun though. My favorite is making pies! Phyllis