Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sweet 16 Cake

I was asked to do a cake in November for January.  Sure, I said,  Give me the details.

Due to family sickness, travel, etc. on their part, the party date was changed like 4 times (January, February, March, back to February), the color scheme changed twice, the party theme changed at least 3 times.  In the end, I was just not happy.  The cake came out awesome, but it took me 19 hours to make.  I work full time and it took me 19 hours of time that I could have been with my own family (One Saturday, David took Isabel out flying and they were gone a total of 6 hours while I sat at home.)  They were given a DEEP DISCOUNT because they're fellow church goers.  This cake, due to the number of servings, would have cost them about $250-$320 dollars.  I won't tell you what I charged them. It's my own fault.  In trying to be nice, I made myself unhappy.

I've resolved to only make cakes for my immediate family; sisters, nieces/nephews, my kids, etc.  That's it.  Unless someone wants to pay $250-$300, I am done undervaluing myself and making myself miserable.

On with the cake!

 Two 6 x 3 inch cakes and two 8 x 3 inch cakes; 64 servings.   The average for fondant cakes is around $4-$5 a slice.  $256 - $320.

Her 16 favorite things, all around the cake.  I didn't take a picture of the back, but you can see above all the things I made for it.

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