Friday, July 11, 2014

Hulk Smash

This post should really be titled "Kaaren Smash."

I had one day to make a cake. Well. two days but I work one day, so like a day and a few hours of the next evening.  I was asked to make a Hulk cake for a 4 year old's party, in 2 days time. It seemed easy enough and I really liked the lady asking me for it for her grandson, so I decided to do it all in one shot. Mistake.

The cakes, which I thought were cool enough, were NOT, in fact, cool enough and melted the MMF I had made.  I was COMPLETELY upset and embarrassed.   I could not make more MMF or bake more cakes. I was out of time. I came *this* close to calling my friend and telling her she needed to go to a grocery store and get one.

I put the cake in the fridge to cool down and worked on it the next day, patching it (literally, patching it with extra pieces of leftover fondant) and trying to get it presentable.

I texted my friend and told her it was horrible.  She texted back that she loved it.  I sighed.  She can't see how bad it really is.

She came the next day and picked it up. She told me how great it was.

Then, nothing.  For two days, nothing.   I was in a panic. They hated it.  It tasted horrible.  They're too embarrassed to say anything.

Almost at the end of day two, she calls me for a couple of reasons; one being a church thing and the second being:


"Oh my gosh, Kaaren. They loved the cake.  Everyone loved the cake.  My mom said it was the best cake she's ever tasted.  It was such a hit!  All the boys loved it and the birthday boy could not stop staring."

I had patched up the cake in this picture below, but had not yet made the border around the top of the pants, nor had I made the number 4 or the mini-Lego Hulk out of fondant. I just forgot to take a final picture.

My friend is a photographer, so I am hoping she will send or post pictures of the cake at the party soon.


Niki said...

Sometimes it seems all wrong, but turns out great.
He looks good, really.

♥♦Bren Duh♦♥ said...

You make awesome cakes.