Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dora & Diego

My sister-in-law contacted me last week.  "We're coming down Easter weekend. Can we get together for K's birthday?"  Of course!  "Where can I order a Dora cake?" she asks.

Uh.  Me.  Hello?  :)

"I'll do Dora and...the monkey. What's his name again?"  I ask.  "Boots."

Then I get another text: "She'd like to know if you can add Diego, too."  Of course I can.

I spent the next few nights not only prepping this cake, but getting the Good Friday cake ready.

Dora's cousin Diego and his Rescue Pack, which was attached to his back later.
Dora (feet not attached yet.)


My sister-in-law, her husband (my hubby's brother) and their two daughters were down Thursday & Friday at a hotel in Orlando and then drove up Saturday (K's actual birthday) to spend the night at our place and celebrate.  When they arrived, I was STILL putting the cake together.  I had their two young daughters help cut out and arrange the flowers on the cake for me.  They were shy at first, but then really opened up to me and loved helping out.

Happy 4th Birthday to our Adorable Niece K!!

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