Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rose Cupcakes and Cake Pops

The church we attend was having a Woman's Day retreat this Saturday that I signed up for.  I mentioned that I happen to bake and asked if they would like a cake?  Sure, but can you make them cupcakes? Ok. And what else can you bring?  Um, brownies?  Good,  What else?  Errrr, cake pops?

And that's how I ended up making all the desserts for the day.  LOL No joke.  Thank goodness my mother-in-law was here to help with the cake pops because they are really labor intensive.

Carrot Cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

I made pink rose cupcakes too (wish I had taken a picture), as well as brownies that I cut and individually wrapped in bags the church supplied for me.  

Yellow cake cake pops with vanilla frosting and white candy melts,
decorated with sprinkles or pink candy melts.