Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh Baby, Take 1

One of my younger sisters is pregnant.  It is a thing of wonder.  Pigs are flying, hell's looking for ear muffs.

I purchased an awesome baby mold  from Global Sugar Art.  I want to make my sister something special.  Don't worry.  She doesn't read any of my blogs.  Loser.

The Mold and Baby Take 1

You take gum paste, color it whatever skin tone you'd like, and place it in the mold.  Put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes, take it out and peel it out of the mold.

I had to let it "sweat" for a couple of hours.  Condensation makes it tacky to the touch. Unfortunately, I realized too late that I did not have the correct color petal/luster dust.  Grrr.  I decided to try thinned down gel colors.  Bad idea.  It made the gum paste tacky and looked bad.

The colors leaked and then I grabbed the wrong brush and brushed brown down her face.  DOH!  I gave the baby a rose for her hair, a ruffle diaper cover and made her some roller skates (this sister is on a roller derby team).

Well, this is why I practice!

On to take # 2!


Amber said...

Very cool! I have often thought about trying their molds... but haven't had the need just yet. I love the little skates you made =o)

Goofy girl said...

love it! so cute

Big sis said...

So cute!