Friday, October 8, 2010

My Sister's Cake, Day 2 & 3

Day 2, Wednesday, was pretty much the same as day 1. The same exact recipe, the same exact pans. Oh, I made strawberry filling.

Day 3 was not Thursday. On Thursday we spent the day at Island's of Adventure with friends. Day 3 was Friday. I baked two 10"x3" chocolate cakes. I also made three batches of butter cream icing and one batch of peanut butter icing.

I torted and filled the two 12" cakes with the strawberry filling, stacked them together and crumb-coated (dirty iced) them.

I also stacked and covered the chocolate cakes in peanut butter frosting, and stacked and covered the 8" cakes in butter cream frosting.

That night, my sister Brenda and our friend Heather came over to help finish decorating the cakes with the fondant I made this week, and the gumpaste flowers we had all 3 made in August.


This is the 12" cakes already on the cake board with butter cream shells on the border and wood dowels inside to support the top tiers. I will be taking the cakes over to the reception hall, two hours away and assembling them there. Wish us luck!

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